The outside appearance of your piano, while a matter of personal aesthetic choice, is of real importance if you decide to sell the piano. This means that no scratches, dents, spots or any other damage appear on the surface of the piano.

Damage can occur during moving and in everyday life. With wear and over a long period of time the surface of a piano can also assume a dull appearance. (Helpful hints: to keep the appearance of your piano in good condition it is highly recommended not to put any vases, pictures, hot cups or cigarettes on you piano because this can easily damage the polyester finish.)

Whether the damage is significant or less serious, there is always a solution to the problem. If the scratches are not too deep, the surface of the piano will need to be buffed only. Deeper and longer scratches will require a polyester repair.  This special process involves filling the scratch with polyester and later, when the polyester becomes solid, sanding it as many times as needed. The final step involves buffing until the surface of your piano assumes a high-gloss appearance once again.

Polyester repair is a highly specialized work which can be done by very few experts.

My polyester service fee is $120 for the first hour and $80 for subsequent hours.